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It happens to the best of us, but there is always a solution.

Our Expertise

We identify roadblocks and develop strategies to help your business thrive. Our team oversees implementation and provides coaching for key players. We support you throughout your transformation journey.

Proven Global Business Solutions

We offer proven business solutions that have succeeded across Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Russia & CIS, and LATAM. Our global network of pragmatic business leaders prioritizes collaboration and efficient networking. Whether you need growth, transformation, or market entry, we can help.

The Key to Success

The key to success is more than just academic theories. Execution is critical, but can be challenging. We help you navigate the pitfalls, from wrong KPIs to managing difficult team members. With our support, you can unlock your business's full potential.

Business is simple, people make it complicated

Our Services

Transform Your Business with Our Expertise

Deep dive audit

We present the audit findings and align with you on areas that need fixing or improvement.

Outcomes & Alignment

Present outcomes and align on findings and areas to be fixed, improved

Co-creation of Strategies & clear Positioning

We co-create winning strategies, leveraging external experts worldwide when needed including clear Positioning of brands and/or Company itself.

Targeted Business Focus

We help you focus on specific business functions, processes, or areas, or your entire business as needed.

Implementation Assistance

We assist or supervise the implementation of strategies and solutions, depending on your needs and resources.

Coaching & Leadership development

We offer coaching and mentorship to individuals and teams to develop leadership skills and make things happen.

From rough times to success

Do you face a situation where your business is derailed due to

  • failed initiatives
  • poor strategy execution
  • lousy control
  • inefficient processes
  • low morale and no team spirit
  • declining market shares
  • or financial struggles?

We’ve been there too.

We’ve managed through rough times and reinvented businesses, building new ones and always finding solutions to make it happen.

We understand that people can be resistant to change, but we’re here to help you manage it and influence your future.

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Let's work


Agile strategist with outstanding analytical skills and laser – focus on key business opportunities, turnaround expert, adept at reorganising and revitalising under performing units across diversified geographies.

Miroslav Ursiny
Managing Director

Our accomplishments

Miroslav-Ursiny-MUBS-business consulting focus

Everything is possible

Transformed tiny export business in the Middle East & Africa in the world class fastest growing business in spite of all imaginable & unimaginable barriers.

Miroslav-Ursiny-MUBS-business consulting deep dive audit

Less is More

Orchestrated Confectionary business turn around by complete business re-modelling.


Crisis is an opportunity

Treating Crisis as a unique opportunity to boost profitability, customer satisfaction and associates’ engagement.

Unlock your Business Success:

The power of execution with M&U Business Solutions

Do you feel stuck in your business despite having a vision, ambition, and sound strategies? The answer lies in the execution. At M&U Business Solutions, we understand that it takes more than just a great plan to succeed. That’s why we offer comprehensive services that focus on identifying the root cause of your business challenges and implementing solutions to achieve your goals.

Let us help you identify the sabotagers in your business and disconnect from them immediately. Together, we’ll make sure that your business flourishes again. 

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A subsidiary of Mars, Wrigley is a global confectionery company known for its chewing gum brands such as Orbit, Juicy Fruit, and Extra.
A family-owned company, one of the world's largest food manufacturers. Brands: M&M's, Snickers, Pedigree, and Uncle Ben's.
A Turkish personal care company that produces soap, shampoo, and other personal care products under brands such as Duru and Fax.
A Swedish farmer-owned cooperative, operates in the fields of agriculture, machinery, energy, and food products, produces bread, flour, baking ingredients.
A German confectionery company known for its gummy candies, including the popular Goldbears.
A German sports nutrition company that produces glucose tablets and sports drinks.
A Swiss herbal cough drop company known for its natural ingredients such as mountain herbs.
A Netherlands-based company that produces and exports cheese, meat, and other food products.
BDI provides market entry services to help brand owners and manufacturers extend their distribution range across international borders.
A German pet food company that produces high-quality pet food and pet care products.
A Thai company that produces household cleaning and personal care products such as detergent, fabric softener, and toothpaste.
A Russian company that specializes in producing and distributing baked crispbread.