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Business is simple, people make it complicated

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For one reason or another people look for complex and complicated solutions, they do not believe a simple solution could work. At the end simple solutions work, only. One might argue what is a simple or complicated solution, right?

In our understanding  “simple” means easy to understand by majority, impacting entire business i.e., there is a common denominator for entire business unit, applicable fast, delivering results when applied. There is clarity what you do, what you do not do, there is no maybe in between.


Your relation with boss is not very good. He does not care about your workload, does not appreciate, what are you doing, neither develops you nor helps you to growth. There might be many reasons – he does not have any experience to lead, he is arrogant self-centric person, in the worst case he is really stupid, jealous and afraid to give you a chance as you might make him “obsolete”.

What ever reason is behind, you have to face it, communicate how does his behavior and attitude impacts you and your performance and reach an agreement how shall you collaborate going forward. If it works, you solved your issue with boss, if this does not work, you have to change your boss – either look for opportunity in another department or in another organization. There is nothing in between, either you can improve and handle communication with an ease or you have to stop communication with such person. You have to be a cause not an effect.