Everything is possible

Transformed tiny export business in the Middle East & Africa in the world class fastest growing business in spite of all imaginable & unimaginable barriers.
→ From 4 mil. Up to 100 mil. USD.

Less is More

Orchestrated Confectionary business turn around by complete business re-modelling
→ From 7 brands to 3, while securing the same turnover 40 mil USD in year 1.

Crisis is an opportunity

Treating Crisis as a unique opportunity to boost profitability, customer satisfaction and associates’ engagement.

People are the greatest asset

Building robust talent pipe-line against well-articulated capabilities to win in the Middle East & Africa.

Customer focus brings results, only

Orchestration of  re-organization of massive  self-focus sales operation ( > 5000 direct/indirect sales people/agents) in dynamic, customer centric  effective team.

Built new business while securing the Core one

Lead Salty Croutons business start-up.
→ 40 mil. USD business & 33 %  market share in 5 years.

Doing right by doing good

Proving that Ethical business is possible, bringing mutual benefit for majority of participants.

Clarity, simplification & freedom within framework

 Russian business unit growth re-ignition when organisation was de-railed losing share to competition 
→ 750m USD business with more than 2.000 associates complete transformation

From zero to hero

Surpassed market entry starts up winning the highest market share in Europe and built the most profitable business unit .

Miroslav’s leadership reminds me of the Roman emperor who phrased the statement ‘veni, vidi, vici’: Here is why: He went: not just talking about different business environments and cultures - he has the record of moving to some of the most demanding environments in challenging times! He saw: proven by a record of unmatched analytical skills (including the emotional intelligence) for different cultures and functions within our business! He wins: not only documented by his growth and turn-around achievements but also by supporting, enabling and engaging talent from very different backgrounds on a big scale!
Ingo Lischka
Miro is one of the most professional individuals I have had the pleasure to have worked with. His ability to understand different cultures and lead organization in multiple cultures environment is outstanding. Moreover, it was remarkable how he was able to positively influence management change. Based on extensive international experience, this is a quality not often found among other professionals. It is honor working with someone who demonstrates truly is a leader in our organization.
Vadim Sadovoy
Operations Director Petroholod PT


A subsidiary of Mars, Wrigley is a global confectionery company known for its chewing gum brands such as Orbit, Juicy Fruit, and Extra.
A family-owned company, one of the world's largest food manufacturers. Brands: M&M's, Snickers, Pedigree, and Uncle Ben's.
A Turkish personal care company that produces soap, shampoo, and other personal care products under brands such as Duru and Fax.
A Swedish farmer-owned cooperative, operates in the fields of agriculture, machinery, energy, and food products, produces bread, flour, baking ingredients.
A German confectionery company known for its gummy candies, including the popular Goldbears.
A German sports nutrition company that produces glucose tablets and sports drinks.
A Swiss herbal cough drop company known for its natural ingredients such as mountain herbs.
A Netherlands-based company that produces and exports cheese, meat, and other food products.
BDI provides market entry services to help brand owners and manufacturers extend their distribution range across international borders.
A German pet food company that produces high-quality pet food and pet care products.
A Thai company that produces household cleaning and personal care products such as detergent, fabric softener, and toothpaste.
A Russian company that specializes in producing and distributing baked crispbread.