Welcome to M&U Business Solutions

We are committed to helping our clients achieve their full potential and realize their business goals. Our help and results are not theoretical but tangible. We collaborate closely with our clients to co-create the right solutions to meet their specific needs and challenges.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Strategy Development: We work with companies to develop strategic plans that identify goals, target markets, and business models that will help the company grow.
  • Business Development: We identify new business opportunities for companies, such as partnerships, acquisitions, or new product lines, that will help the company grow.
  • Marketing and Sales: We develop marketing and sales strategies to help companies reach new customers and increase revenue. We can also identify brand or product gaps, based on research, find a unique selling proposition, articulate brand positioning and market it.
  • Operations Management: We streamline and optimize company operations to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and improve customer satisfaction.
  • Financial Management: We help companies manage their finances effectively, including budgeting, forecasting, and cash flow management, to support growth.

how do we work

  • We start by interviewing our clients personally, free of charge, to better understand their needs and goals.
  • Based on the initial interview, we suggest and agree on the scope of a deep dive audit, including timing and prices.
  • We then prepare and agree on an offer, which includes timing, prices, and deliverables.
  • We co-create winning strategies with the client and external specialists, when needed, to ensure the best possible outcome.
  • Depending on the client’s needs, resources, and situation, we can assist or supervise implementation to ensure successful execution.
  • In some specific cases, we can also provide interim management to help companies navigate periods of transition or change.
  • We mentor and coach key team members to deliver against agreed targets.
  • Finally, we hold regular client progress tracking and issue-solving meetings to ensure that the implementation stays on track and meets the end-game vision.

At M & U Business Solutions, we believe that successful business growth requires a collaborative approach that involves working closely with our clients to identify opportunities, address challenges, and create strategies that deliver tangible results. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your business achieve its full potential.

our team

Miro Ursiny

+421 903 921989

Agile strategist with exceptional analytical skills and a laser-focus on key business opportunities. Expert in turning around underperforming units across diverse geographies, with validated solutions spanning Europe, Middle East, Africa, Russia & CIS, and LATAM. Firm believer in collaboration and efficient communication, ensuring that every company can achieve growth by laying the right foundation.

My core capabilities lie in these areas: managing vision and purpose, crafting business strategies, aligning organizational development with strategy, integrating performance-enabling processes, overseeing strategy implementation, and coaching key team members to achieve objectives. With me, you’ll learn and apply how to navigate complex challenges, including:

Identifying Root Causes of Underperformance: I demonstrate exceptional proficiency in diagnosing the genuine reasons behind underperformance within organizations. Through meticulous analysis and assessment, I precisely identify the factors impeding growth and success.

Developing Strategic Solutions: Harnessing my expertise in business strategies and organizational development, I formulate customized solutions to tackle identified challenges. My strategic approach ensures alignment with client objectives, facilitating sustainable growth.

Navigating the Journey Towards Sustainable Growth: By guiding clients through each phase of their growth journey, I offer assistance in implementing strategic solutions and overcoming obstacles. My objective is to steer organizations toward sustainable success by nurturing resilience and adaptability.

Ignasi Cugat

+34 636 044739

Extensive experience in End-to-End B2B/B2C Supply Chain and Manufacturing operations in FMCG on different scales, with a passion to implement systems and building reputation through a sustainable legacy. Expert in leading transformation teams and activities in Asia, Africa, and Europe.  Firm believer of collaboration, I can work leading cross-functional teams seeking results in environments focused on safety, quality, sustainability, customer metrics and profitability.

Contributing with effective and real project execution to growth or integration, I add value by bringing experience in the development of processes and capabilities, 360º scorecard vision including functional expertise and talent agenda, analytical agility, enthusiasm, with a focus on the client.

I have proven success on leading change agenda in factories and supply chain organizations, easily translating strategy in to perspective maximizing the available resources so to land solid balanced scorecards while increasing the organization Engagement. I Make things happen instead of just making recommendations.

Mykhailo Khorkhordin


Leading with strategic agility, insightful market analytics, and a dedication to excellence, I offer over 20 years of leveraging knowledge as a consultant across diverse markets worldwide. Armed with an integral understanding of sales growth strategies and business development, I am committed to guiding organizations towards their vision of success.

Areas of Proficiency:
Strategic Consultancy and Business Development: Steering organizations towards growth, I bring to the table insights hard-earned from positions of leadership and my knack for turning challenges into opportunities.

Market Analysis and Data-Infused Strategy Planning: Harnessing the power of data, I employ market trends and sales data analytics to form strong, data-driven strategies that assure a superior market stance – always a step ahead.

Performance Optimization and Distributor Management: With an unyielding focus on enhancement, I excel in optimizing commercial strategies and distributor partnerships towards better market penetration and high-value collaborations.

Financial Insight and Consultation: My proven ability to manage large P&Ls across varied contexts equips me to advise businesses on prudent financial structuring and cost management.

Promotion and Pricing Strategy Expertise: I craft innovative promotion management and pricing strategies, tailored explicitly for market outreach and sales volume enhancement, balancing profitability with competitiveness skillfully.

Partnering with me will bring you support in diagnosing root causes of underperformance, crafting tailor-made strategies, and implementing sustainable solutions, all tailored towards your market positioning and organizational growth. Together, we build not only for the challenges at hand but also a resilient base for continued success. Equipped with a comprehensive band of skills and a vision to translate challenges into growth, I, Mykhailo Khorkhordin, am prepared to guide your business into its future – defined by enduring success and amplified growth.

Neela Paul

+1 312 925 5706

Accomplished, outcome-driven executive coach passionate about supporting leaders amplify their impact and unlock new possibilities for growth and success.  A global multi-disciplinary Research & Development leader with 25 years of executive experience, I bring a unique depth and perspective to my coaching.  I understand first-hand the complexities of driving vision and change while leading global teams and cross-functional programs.  Through our coaching, leaders are inspired to break through barriers to create new found levels of success.

I coach and inspire leaders to discover their gifts and live into their true potential with greater performance and impact.  I help leaders think through challenges both strategically and tactically to help them grow in areas including:

  • Executive Presence and Confidence: Through our coaching, leaders refine their personal brand and grow their ability to lead powerfully through challenge and opportunity.  Leaders unlock barriers to help drive needed change across their teams.
  • Persuasive and Influential Communication: Leaders learn to communicate powerfully and inspire others through empathy, active listening, and authentic connection with others.   I help clients customize their communication as needed to create optimal outcomes and a culture of excellence.
  • Inspiring and Fostering Team Culture, Trust and Creating High-Performance teams: Breakthrough results are achieved as leaders make things happen with and through others. Organizational culture and psychological safety are key ingredients to scale impact and create a culture of excellence. Leaders learn to create and foster an inspiring environment.  

Marius Tent

+49 157 30675847

Marius is a passionate packaging professional waking up every day to good for People, Planet and the Business via Packaging.

With two decades in Packaging, having the chance to work for top companies (Wrigley, Mars Wrigley , Danone SN…) using his curiosity, learnings and drive to create impact via co-creating with the business Packaging Innovation and Sustainability strategies, championing countless Packaging Innovations, building & engaging multiple high performing Packaging teams across the globe. And, as a result, delivered with people & through people (always together) impactful results in the marketplace.

Since January 2024 he created ViaPackagingUG, offering tailored Packaging Innovation and Sustainability consulting solutions while working hands on & side by side with clients.




Miroslav is a charismatic leader fulfilling organizational goals by instilling devotion. Miroslav transforms old paradigms, creates “out of the box” unconventional and innovative strategies to actualize the new vision through broad and systemic thinking keeping the big picture in mind. He demonstrates personal integrity, applies passion and energy at work, and team learning initiatives. He exercises moral leadership when elevated with power rather than becoming corrupted by power. Miroslav leads from the front to demonstrate attitudes and actions for followers to emulate. He is a very good listener a great person to work with.
Martin Rudolph (PhD)
Consultant, Hamburg
Miro is an business leader with a broad-based, but also deep experience in international FMCG. Miro is a great team leader, and especially team builder. I had the privilege to work for almost 2 years with Miro, shoulder to shoulder, to rebuild a large branded business from scratch under averse circumstances, something he managed with precision and discipline, with high energy and motivation. He can inspire and guide his teams, and always earned the respect and the right to lead. His ability to define & refine strategies, focus on priorities and stay the course in execution, is remarkably strong. He understands how to build brand value in structured and sustainable manner. Miro is a strong multi-dimensional leader of multi-functional teams, a good operator and a strong people manager.
Chris Augustijns
Business Owner / Nello Chocolates
Miro is an excellent leader with demonstrated ability to deliver consistent results. He creates an empowering environment, focuses the organization on the right levers, and is great at developing teams and capabilities. More importantly, he treats people with trust, dignity, and respect. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Miro.
Jami Guthrie
Vice President / Consumer Insights at McDonald's
Miroslav is truly a gifted leader, able to guide people, to inspire and develop them, to be a role model for the team, which he manages. Charismatic, with an excellent sense of humor, with the ability before others see the needs for changes and to successfully implement these changes. Not afraid of challenges, gives people the confidence to change. Knows how to build very kind and trusting relationships with a wide range of people. Every employee in the company from the head to the operator knows him and treats him with great respect.
Olga Denisova
Industrial Engineering Manager / Mars Wrigley